I have only just realised I never edited this page.

Originally I conceived of this blog as an archive of my various writings. In 2015 Erica van Horn and Simon Cutts of Coracle , and in the course of a very helpful chat they advised blogging some of my writings as a means of finding a thread between them. This was with a view to perhaps preparing a compilation of writings for publication.

From the start, this blog evolved.While I still post articles both old and new, the aim of coming up with some kind of coherent link  between pieces in order to come up with something publishable has largely vanished. It became something of a personal commonplace book, a repository of passages I wished to preserve. It also became a little bit of a testing ground for ideas.I noted the birds that appeared in my garden. Sporadically I updated readers on my attempts at fiction. I photographed Stained Glass from Tipperary (and beyond)  

By some distance the most popular post has been this, which turns up first when you Google the words “A culture is no better than its woods” – W H Auden, “Bucolics”

Originally I intended my other blog,  A Medical Education, to trace my development as first a medical student, then a doctor, via the various writings over the years. I had a notion that the style and concepts use would illustrate this, and perhaps tell a story of a journey from naivete to, well, something else. A Medical Education has become more a platform for thoughts on medicine, education, and technology, and perhaps a certain intersection between them.


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