Bird feeding notes, mid November

A while since the last bird feeding note – and now, with cold beginning its bite, the feeds are highly popular. Once again, apples halves rapidly disappear – it seems like yesterday (though it was actually summer)  that they languished uneaten. Even more recently, suet blocks which – during October – were rather half heartedly pecked … Continue reading Bird feeding notes, mid November

Bird feeding notes, end of August

In recent weeks bird activity around feeders has definitively picked up. Like the return to school, this is a  harbinger of autumn and behind that, winter. Certainly feeding birds in a deliberate, thoughtful way, observing rather than simply doling out bits of kitchen scraps, pays dividends as another marker of the changing seasons. I previously noted chaffinches are much … Continue reading Bird feeding notes, end of August

Bird feeding notes, early August

It’s been  a while since my last bird feeding note and I have noted a relative silence in the garden of late, except for a resurgence of the magpie population. There is always a summer lull in bird activity. In late June I was away and while I tried to provide feeding during this time (by the brute expedient … Continue reading Bird feeding notes, early August

Bird feeding notes late May

Bird feeding notes late May

Not quite a month after the April update … some miscellaneous thoughts and observations   Apples definitely are out of the season for garden birds. Goldfinches have largely disappeared whereas about six weeks ago they were a daily sight. Greenfinches and chaffinches predominate among finches. Not as many Siskins as there were either (though the Siskin/Greenfinch … Continue reading Bird feeding notes late May

Bird feeding notes in late April

As posted previously, I have taken an increasing interest in birds and feeding them in the garden. One of the many interesting and (in my view) edifying things about this is another link with the passing of seasons and the rhythm of the year. In spring the dynamic shifts from raw survival in winter to nesting and … Continue reading Bird feeding notes in late April

Bird feeding in Mid March – Greenfinches

Continuing my occasional bird feeding notes – but this time with original pictures! The wonderfully-shot Wild Ireland documentary inspired me to reconsider my childhood dream job – wildlife photographer/cameraman. Why did this ever fall off my radar? Partly the common adolescent/late teenage/early adulthood loss of interest in wildlife, partly a certain lack of confidence in my artistic … Continue reading Bird feeding in Mid March – Greenfinches

Bird feeding mid February

My last “Bird feeding notes”, was from mid November. One of the nice things about bird feeding is the heightened awareness of the passage of the seasons, and how even in the depths of winter new life is awaiting. Based purely on subjective perception of temperature and the how-hard-it-is-to-drag-oneself-out-of-bed factor, I find the “traditional” beginning … Continue reading Bird feeding mid February

Happy International Day for Biological Diversity!

The UN, no less, have declared 22nd May to be International Day for Biological Diversity! Normally I am pretty sceptical of these kinds of “official” days for this and that. However, they do provide a hook for, as they say “raise awareness” (I’ll stop with the quotation marks now) and in a culture increasingly divorced from the … Continue reading Happy International Day for Biological Diversity!