St Berrihert’s Kyle and Well

A little while ago I reblogged a post from Pilgrimage in Medieval Ireland on St Berrihert’s Kyle . Others have written about this site and generally describe it as in various ways magical.

My own experience lived up to that and more. To the degree that making a video for YouTube seemed …. unseemly. Anyhow, there is one here:

I wrote about Knockroe Passage Tomb on this blog the following:


In another country, or even in Northern Ireland, it would be a celebrated and promoted attraction; here it is just down a muddy lane with no signage from the road whatsoever. Of course, that is perhaps part of the attraction for me.

“Perhaps part of the attraction” – one should always be aware of the temptation of a kind of snobbery in this regard, a sense of revelling in obscurity. In this case, however, the unsignposted nature of the site is integral to a unified whole experience. It is not that it would be sullied by becoming a tourist site (though in many ways it would), but that the concept is simply removed from what is an active holy site.


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